SERP Data Extractor API

Collect publicly available web data from Google, Bing and other search engines

Extract and collect publicly available SERP data, in real-time, without getting blocked with SERP Data Extractor API. With multiple IP vendor support, easy integration, and professional development support, our SERP Data Extractor API allows you to extract any data–including paid and organic listings data, as well as images–from search engine results pages in minutes without the need to worry about blocks, captchas, hardware, infrastructure, proxies, or setup – Let us take care of everything for you!
Ideal for real-time retrieval of Google, Bing and other search engines data
Collect any data from search engine results pages
Full-service SERP data extraction solution

Unblockable, captcha-evading Data Extractor API

Our SERP Data Extractor API’s integration with multiple vendors providing access to millions of clean IP addresses means you never have to worry about your requests getting blocked. Should a data source block one IP, the SERP Data Extractor API will switch to another from the large pool of available clean IPs. 

This ensures your data is extracted reliably and consistently. In addition, our team of expert engineers uses their combined industry experience to regularly update our algorithms to decrease the chances of being blocked in the first place, and circumvent any other access interferences, including captchas.

Multiple IP vendors provide access to millions of IP addresses
Continuous algorithm updates allows you to resolve captchas and circumvent access blocking
Fast and reliable data extraction

Easy integration and top-notch professional support

Our user-friendly SERP Data Extractor API has been built with developers in mind, allowing you to integrate easily with your preferred framework and language. This gives you instant access to start extracting the data your business requires. Any customization is easily accommodated by our industry-leading team of engineers and data experts, assisted by highly skilled dedicated account managers.


Our robust SERP Data Extractor API can be used to extract data vital for your business, and deliver outputs in HTML, or as structured data in JSON format.

User-friendly API designed for large-scale data extraction projects
Easy integration with any framework or language
Work with top-notch experts and dedicated account managers

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